The Sun Or The Moon

Frank Incense: Bass, Vocals, Electronics; Susanne Baum: Keyboards; George Nowak: Guitar, Theremin; Niclas Ciriacy: Drums and Percussion
Eigene Songs

The Sun or the Moon is a powerfully creative new psychedelic Krautrock space lounge group currently emerging in Germany. Inspired by Can, Kraftwerk, early Pink Floyd, and Radiohead,
the band has developed an expansive, brilliant, non-mainstream sound that dives deeply into the psyches of eclectic and intelligent listeners. Band members Frank Incense (vocals, bass, baritone guitar, guitar, electric sitar, electronics, keyboards), George Nowak (guitar, theremin, flute), Susanne Baum (keyboards), and Niclas Ciriacy (drums and percussion) have already released the singles “Cosmic”/“Julia Dream,” and “Trippin’ on Mars”/“Quicksand” in 2020. The band will release their debut full length album as a limited double coloured vinyl edition on Tonzonen Records in spring 2021.
Listeners intrigued by the sounds of analog electronics, modular synths, guitars, and drums working together to attain new worlds need to discover The Sun or the Moon immediately. This is what the future sounds like.

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